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Digg + Idiots + RapidShare = p0wn3d

God damn it.. dumb ideas just stay around for far too long.

Ok we all know what the hell rapidshare is. It's a waste of internet space. One thing though a couple of years ago somebody dugg an article on a way to get around restrictions using a server script called rapidleech. Ok all in good fashion, but come on... you leave this open on apache server which can process php files.. and allow public upload to your server from any url.. (r57.php c99/100.php the list just goes on and on.. ) Renaming the file really helped huh..?

Just look at the multiversion google dork:
[2 years later and still 117+ zombies waiting to happen]
"Bugs Report to Rapidget.bug"

Digg idiots:


Capistrano with highline menu.

Example Capistrano file using the highline menu system..

(Capistrano really needs some better docs.)

#example capistrano menu using highline menu system
# Published under BSD license
# written by:shadowbq -
# verified on: capistrano 2.2.0 & highline 1.4.0

role :comps, "localhost"

desc "Example Highline menu"
task :menu do
Capistrano::CLI.ui.say("\nThis is with a different layout...")
Capistrano::CLI.ui.choose do |menu|
menu.layout = :one_line

menu.header = "Execute"
menu.prompt = "Application? "

menu.choice :hello do
menu.choices(:skip, :exit) do
Capistrano::CLI.ui.say("Choose not to run..")


task :helloworld do
run "echo helloworld."