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Mind Movement

Visual Basic Scripting, mainly Active Directory, has been taking a large portion of my life recently. I've been nose deep in vbs / cscritpting cli's and bring forth my powers of to bear as well. Who knows maybe somebody will eventually like my code.. blah!

I dont understand why microsoft doesnt more easily disimenate information about included files and stuctures.. thats really annoying to me.

"~:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\1033\VBSCRIP5.CHM"

Thats an fairly good start especially if your looking at :

"mk:@MSITStore:~:\Program%20Files\Microsoft%20Office\OFFICE11\1033 /\VBSCRIP5.CHM::/html/vsgrpFeatures.htm"

I ended up with some great code from

With that as a base.. I've made some really great cli/pipeable tools to replace all the crap of dsget.exe.

Other Active Directory and Services are pestering my mind as well..

  • Numerous general tools such as ADfind and SVCutil are big help

Additional kung-fu from WMIC interfaces

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