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Its the Code garbage collector. Mind dumps of daily coding antics from a frustrated silly little man. VBS, PHP, TCL, TK, PERL, C++, JAVA....what now? Ruby?
No Wait.. It should be just RUBY!



Just got back from SANSFIRE 2006.. Enjoyed the challenge of learning a bunch of new stuff from the instructors there. Lets see.. couple topics of interest..

WMI Promqry & Promqryui
-- wow windows actually has something of interest.

-- IE browser malware checks

netstat (win32 xpsp2/2003)-- netstat -naob (shows dll linkage during mapping of executables/ports)
the -b switch adds some more interesting items.. but its slow... slow.

webgoat-- OWASP super buggy web-app for teaching secure coding.

Some how missed a few other tools this year such as wellenrieter, macshift, bidiblah, and nohup.

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