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Its the Code garbage collector. Mind dumps of daily coding antics from a frustrated silly little man. VBS, PHP, TCL, TK, PERL, C++, JAVA....what now? Ruby?
No Wait.. It should be just RUBY!



Well to catch up a little on the vuln world.. There's a couple things I'm watching.

Month of Apple Bugs

Info-Pull's MoAB

PoC/Exploit are included with every release.. how nice.

Month Of Kernel Bugs

Info-Pull's the MoKB

Numerous Kernel bugs listed for FreeBSD 6.1, Linux 2.6, as well as OS X.

Retirement of
Else not has officially closed its doors for updates..
"ElseNot part one is done. ElseNot part two may or may not start." ~ Layne

Conference VIZSEC '06

The preceding for the conference held on November 3rd 2006 have been posted. There are alot really interesting white papers.. here are a couple of interest..

2D Visualizations
"VAST: Visualizing Autonomous System Topology"

- Jon Oberheide, Manish Karir and Dionysus Blazakis [whitepaper] [presentation]

"FlowTag: A Collaborative Attack-Analysis, Reporting, and Sharing Tool for Security Researchers"

- Christopher P. Lee and John A. Copeland [whitepaper] [presentation]

"Understanding Multistage Attacks by Attack-Track based Visualization of Heterogeneous Event Streams"

- Sunu Mathew, Richard Giomundo, Shambhu J. Upadhyaya, Moises Sudit, Adam Stotz [whitepaper] [presentation]

"Visual Toolkit for Network Security Experiment Specification and Data Analysis"

- Lunquan Li, Peng Liu, George Kesidis [whitepaper] [presentation]

"An Intelligent, Interactive Tool for Exploration and Visualization of Time-Oriented Security Data"

- Asaf Shabtai, Denis Klimov, Yuval Shahar, and Yuval Elovici[whitepaper] [presentation]

"Visualizing DNS Traffic"

- Pin Ren, John Kristoff and Bruce Gooch [whitepaper] [presentation]

3D Visualizations
"Interactively Combining 2D and 3D Visualization for Network Traffic Monitoring"

- Erwan Le Malecot, Masayoshi Kohara, Yoshiaki Hori, and Kouichi Sakurai [whitepaper] [presentation]

"Real-Time Collaborative Network Monitoring and Control Using 3D Game Engines for Representation and Interaction"

- Warren Harrop and Grenville Armitage [whitepaper] [presentation]

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FYI is back! Part two is now a wiki and now includes solaris and apple.