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VBS Script to map NAS network smb drives over specific SSID wifi homenets (non GPO script)

I recently posted this script on usenet because some many people now
have NAS storage devices accessible via there home wifi networks.

This script should help out the people with the question on how to mount a network attached storage device (like my coolmax NAS) to there windows profile during windows boot.

This vbs works by utilizing the wmi and cimv2 mappings to access the the MSNdis_80211_Configuration and the Win32_NetworkAdapter references.

You need to have the local WMI service enabled for this to work.

FYI:This has been tested under Windows XP.

'file: nasmapper.vbs
'launch with "cscript c:\nasmapper.vbs //nologo" -> /programs/startup
'VBS Script to map NAS over wifi homenets (non GPO script)

'Shadowbq - 2009 BSD License
'Reference Functions: ScriptGuy! (MS)
', quiet_lurker (neowin), Aaron P(neowin)

Option Explicit

Dim objWMIService, objNet
Dim intSleep, WNICName, knownSSID, retries, maxRetries
Dim mapDrive, mapLocation, mapUsername, mapPassword

knownSSID="URWP80" 'SSID of Hotspot that has mapped location
WNICName="Dell Wireless 1470 Dual Band WLAN Mini-PCI Card"
'Nic name listed in WMI
maxRetries = 10
'maxRetries * intSleep/1000 ~= total possible seconds
intSleep = 2000 'wait cycles
mapDrive = "Y:" 'Map to Drive
mapLocation = "\\storage\public" 'Location of Share
mapUsername = "Guest" 'User Account for Share
mapPassword = "" 'User Password for Share

'If your having problems finding the WNICName you can use the
'\\root\wmi call to ("Select * From MSNdis_80211_Configuration") flip
' through all wireless devices..

Private Sub GetWMI(WMIArray, WMIQuery, WMIRoot)
'On error resume Next

Set WMIClass = GetObject("winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\_
\.\root\" & WMIRoot)
If not(WMIClass is nothing) Then Set WMIArray = WMIClass.ExecQuery_

End Sub

Function SSID()
'On error resume Next
DIM objSSIDSet, objSSID, ID, i

Call GetWMI(objSSIDSet, "Select * from_
MSNdis_80211_ServiceSetIdentifier Where active=true", "wmi")

For Each objSSID in objSSIDSet
ID = ""

For i = 0 to objSSID.Ndis80211SsId(0)
ID = ID & chr(objSSID.Ndis80211SsId(i + 4))

End Function

Function WNICStatus()
Dim colItems, objItem, strStatus

Call GetWMI(colItems, "Select * from Win32_NetworkAdapter where Name_
= '" & WNICName & "'", "cimv2")

For Each objItem in colItems
Select Case objItem.NetConnectionStatus
Case 0 strStatus = "Disconnected"
Case 1 strStatus = "Connecting"
Case 2 strStatus = "Connected"
Case 3 strStatus = "Disconnecting"
Case 4 strStatus = "Hardware not present"
Case 5 strStatus = "Hardware disabled"
Case 6 strStatus = "Hardware malfunction"
Case 7 strStatus = "Media disconnected"
Case 8 strStatus = "Authenticating"
Case 9 strStatus = "Authentication succeeded"
Case 10 strStatus = "Authentication failed"
Case 11 strStatus = "Invalid address"
Case 12 strStatus = "Credentials required"
End Select

WNICStatus = strStatus
End Function

Function fnMapNetworkDrive (Drive, Path, Uname, Upass)
Dim i, oDrives
set objNet = Wscript.CreateObject("Wscript.Network")
Set oDrives = objNet.EnumNetworkDrives
For i = 0 to oDrives.Count - 1 Step 2
' Find out if an existing network drive exists
If oDrives.Item(i) = Drive Then
WScript.Echo "Removing drive: " & Drive
objNet.RemoveNetworkDrive Drive, true, true
End If
WScript.Echo "Mapping drive: " & Drive & " to path: " & Path
objNet.MapNetworkDrive Drive, Path, false, Uname, Upass
fnMapNetworkDrive = "[completed mapping drive]"
Set i = Nothing
Set oDrives = Nothing
Set Drive = Nothing
Set Path = Nothing
End Function

Dim nicStatus, nicSSID

WScript.Echo "NAS Wifi Mapper"
WScript.Echo "=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-"
WScript.Echo "[Checking NIC Status]"

nicStatus = WNICStatus()
retries = 0

while (StrComp(nicStatus, "Connected") <> 0)
If (retries < maxRetries) Then
retries = retries + 1
Wscript.Echo "Nic " & nicStatus & ".."
Wscript.Sleep intSleep
nicStatus = WNICStatus()
Wscript.Error "*** Max # of connection attempts reached"
End If
Wscript.Echo "Connected .. continuing"

WScript.Echo "[Checking SSID Status]"
nicSSID = SSID()
nicSSID = Left(nicSSID, len(nicSSID)-1)

Wscript.Echo "SSID: " & nicSSID

If (StrComp(nicSSID, knownSSID) = 0) Then
Wscript.Echo "[Correct SSID]"
On Error Resume Next
Dim errDescription, errSource
errSource = "NAS Mapper"
errDescription = "Incorrect SSID for network share to be established"
Wscript.Echo "An Error:'" & errDescription & "' by '" & errSource &_
WScript.Quit 8
End If

WScript.Echo "[Mapping Drive] "
Wscript.Echo fnMapNetworkDrive (mapDrive, mapLocation, mapUsername,



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