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No Wait.. It should be just RUBY!


SBD as netcat

Yeah so I rattle off some SBD stuff sometimes.. Im referring to the netcat clone called sbd. SBD is Shadowinteger's Backdoor located @ This is my perferred "swiss army knife" because of its default configuration of encryption(AES-CBC-128 + HMAC-SHA1 encryption) and dangerous execution binding (-e command).

Netcat and its NC Clones:

  • netcat - "swiss army knife"
  • sbd & sbdbg.exe - shadowinteger's backdoor
  • netcat6 - swiss army knife+ for ipv6
  • cryptcat - netcat with twofish encryption
  • socat - Multipurpose relay(netcat++) IPV6/SSL Example usage:
    socat TCP6-LISTEN:8080,reuseaddr,fork PROXY:

Simpler tools:
None of this is news.. I just wanted to point out some of this simple stuff.